City Clerk - Treasurer

The City Clerk - Treasurer is appointed by the Mayor and City Commission and serves at their will. In this capacity, City Clerk - Treasurer is responsible for directing the city clerk, finance, and utility billing divisions.


The City Clerk serves the City Commission and maintains official records for the city, including minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts and other vital documents. See Document Archives for more information.

When a new office holder or appointee is ready to assume office, it is the City Clerk who administers the oath of office. The office also prepares proclamations issued by the Mayor annually. The City Clerk, working with the Bay County Supervisor of Elections, prepares city issues for the ballot.

Office Provides & Advises

The Clerk's Office also provides clerical support for City Commission and the standing Boards & Committees. 

The Clerk's Office advises the Mayor, Commissioners, and City Manager about board vacancies. More information about serving on boards can be obtained by calling the City Clerk or by viewing our volunteer boards and committees.