Panama City Port Authority Board


The Panama City Port Authority was created by a special act of the legislature of the State of Florida to manage the operations of the city's deep water shipping port. The Port Authority also manages the port's Industrial District and Foreign Trade Zone. The Panama City Port Authority's Board of Directors are appointed by the City of Panama City Commission.

Directors serve 4 year terms of office. The Port Authority's Board of Directors oversees personnel, management and finances, with the city's control over finances limited to approval of the port's annual budget.

The Port Authority is the lessee in an agreement with the City of Panama City for the land occupied by the Port Authority. The lease is for a period of 99 years, expiring August 31, 2065. The Port Authority leases a substantial portion of its property to various businesses under operating lease agreements. For information concerning the Panama City Port Authority, visit their website or call the Port Authority at 850-767-3220.