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What is Cross Connection Control?

A "cross connection" is a connection in a plumbing installation through which water and possible contaminants may enter or come into contact with a drinkable water supply.  This can be prevented with backflow protection. Municipalities and other communities set up cross connection control programs that monitor the installation, maintenance and field testing of backflow preventers in accordance with local bylaws and other codes and standards.  The City of Panama City is required to implement a Cross Connection Control Program per FDEP Rule 62-555-360-1.

View the Cross Connection Control Program Plan in this link.

Why is a Backflow Prevention Device Important?

Backflow is the reversal of flow of any substance into the safe drinking water distribution system. Backflow Prevention devices protect the City’s potable (safe for drinking) water supply line from contaminants that may get passed back over the meter from the customer's side.  Backpressure (pushing) or backsiphonage (sucking forces) can cause fertilizers, microorganisms, chemicals, strongyloides, and other substances that are hazardous to human health to backflow into the safe drinking water distribution system and make people sick. Per FDEP Rule 62-555-360-1, the City is required to have a Cross-connection Control Program in place to keep the drinking water safe.  

Who Is Required to Have a Backflow Device?

Backflow Prevention devices are required for every commercial business and every residential irrigation account. Depending on your hazard level, properties will be required to use a Reduced Pressure (RP) or a Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB).

Three circles that say Permit, Billing and Device

the Environmental Compliance Division offers backflow devices for sale at-cost to property owners:

    • UPDATED 2/9/2023- IN STOCK 1” PVB (Pressure Vacuum Breaker) available for $92.78
    • UPDATED 2/9/2023- IN STOCK 1” RP (Reduced Pressure) available for $ 374.31
    • Customers can choose to pay in full or over three (3) installments on their monthly utility bill


Purchase a backflow in three easy steps:

  1. Pull a permit by visiting EP Consultants, Inc. (EPCI) at City Hall in Room 217. The cost of the permit is $44.00.
  2. Choose which device you will need to install.  Property owners who have questions regarding which device is best for their property can review their hazard level and view the  Cross-Connection Control Program for more information or contact a licensed plumber. The city cannot make this decision for you.

Things to Consider:

  • PVB
    • A PVB device may be a good choice if your lawn is not on a slope and you do not have any sprinkler risers or sill cocks that rise above grade. This device must be installed 12” above your highest downstream piping.
  • RP
    • An RP device provides the highest level of protection, only needs to be installed 12” above grade, and will work with any irrigation set up.   
  1. Purchase the device by visiting the Utility Billing Department at City Hall on the main floor and choosing your preferred payment method.
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