Chief's Message

Welcome to the Panama City Fire Department webpage. I hope you find this webpage helpful, and you are able to learn more about our organization and the services which we provide. Our fire department has close to 110 years of protecting life and property of Panama City and we continuously strive to ensure we hold ourselves to our motto of being “Home of Florida’s Best Trained Firefighters.”

Established in 1912, Panama City Fire Department has grown immensely in the past century. We are a full-service fire department that responds to approximately 4,500 calls per year while serving over 38,000 year around residents in a coastal community measuring approximately 41 square miles. Panama City Fire Department is currently an ISO Class 2 Department.

As Fire Chief Panama City Fire Department, I have a special opportunity to serve in a wonderful community with the finest men and women in the Fire Service. Over the years, the responsibilities of the Fire Department have grown from just fighting fires to one that encompasses an all-hazards approach. We provide services such as:

• Emergency Medical Services • Hazardous Materials Mitigation • Water Rescue • Fire Prevention • Public Education • Fire Code Inspection & Enforcement • and a Multitude of Other Services

Panama City Fire Department has also formed several Special Operations Teams whose services are made available to all our neighboring communities. These teams include: Urban Search and Rescue Team (State Level Technical Rescue Team 101), Joint Agency In Water Strike / Dive Team, Fire Boat & Marine Operations, and SCBA Maintenance Technicians. The men and women serving the City of Panama City and Panama City Fire Department do so with unwavering service, professionalism, and innovation. Your Fire Department is prepared to meet any challenge the future may bring. I am extremely proud of our personnel and what they accomplish each day. It is my honor to be serving as your Fire Chief and I am excited to see what the future holds.

We are always looking for ways to progress and enhance the services we provide. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me or any member of the senior staff.


David Collier 

Fire Chief

Fire Chief David Collier

                       David Collier

                          Fire Chief


                     (850) 872-3059