Public Works - Engineering Division

The City Engineering Department provides a variety of services relating to the construction and design of the city's capital projects as well as the review of stormwater design for developments within the city limits. Among the responsibilities of Engineering are the provision of construction management that includes planning, design, and inspection services for city construction projects. The department also provides surveying, drafting, and mapping services related to city projects.

Stormwater Retention Requirements

The Panama City Land Use Regulations contain the requirements for stormwater retention for new construction projects. The Planning & Land Use Department at (850) 872-3025 can answer questions concerning stormwater retention. Engineering can answer questions about specific projects that we have reviewed.

Elevation Certificates

If your property has an Elevation Certificate you can find it by typing in your address in the Search tab above this type. Hard copies of Elevation Certificates are available at the Engineering Department at City Hall, 501 Harrison Avenue.

Substantial Improvement Requirements

Substantial Improvements shall mean any repair from damage or destruction, reconstruction, improvement, or additions of a structure, the cost of which equals or exceeds 50% of the assessed tax value of the structure as is listed by the Bay County Tax Assessors Office or by a Certified Appraisal. The assessed value of the structure shall be determined before the improvement is started, or if the structure has been damaged and is being restored, before the damage or destruction occurred. For information on Substantial Improvement please contact the Engineering Department at (850) 872-3004.

Flood Map Information

If a property is in a Special Flood Hazard Area, you can check out the Bay County Property Appraiser site. If you have any floodplain questions or need a flood zone determination letter you can call us at (850) 872-3004 or come see us at City Hall for more information about the City's Flood Insurance Rate Map, Coastal High Hazard Areas, flood depths at your property, natural conservation areas and wetlands, flood insurance special rules for building in the floodplain and ideas for protecting your property from flood damage.

Professional Services

Engineering will periodically solicit Requests for Qualification, Requests for Proposal and Request for Engineering Services. To receive these requests please sign up for the E-Notice Service.

Technical Specifications & Standard Details

View the Engineering Division's Technical Specifications and Standard Detail: