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Permanent Signage

The Planning Department reviews sign Development Order applications to ensure that proposed signage meets the City's regulations. Sign regulations are available in Chapter 106 of the municipal code.

All new permanent signage, as well as placement of new faces within existing sign cabinets, requires an approved sign Development Order from the Planning Department. Changing out tenant slots on plaza signs does not require a Development Order.

To apply for a sign Development Order, submit the completed Signage Development Order Application along with the required supplemental documents to the Planning Department. More information on the documents required with your application is available in the Signage Submittal Requirements document below.

Signage Development Order Application (PDF)

Signs on buildings within the City's four Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) districts must meet additional design criteria, and will also be reviewed by the CRA's design review committee. Please contact the Planning Department to determine if your building is located within a CRA and to obtain relevant CRA design guidelines.

Temporary Signage

The City's sign regulations allow businesses to hang temporary banners on a limited basis. One banner per premises is allowed for 30 consecutive days, and it may not be displayed more than one time per year. Banners may be up to 32 square feet in overall surface area with a maximum height or width of 10 feet.

Banners require a permit from the Planning Department. To obtain the permit, fill out the Banner Development Order Application (PDF)and bring it and the banner to the Planning Department. The fee for banner permits is $10.

Banners are the only type of temporary signage allowed by the City's sign regulations. Other types of temporary signage, such as snipe signs, are prohibited.