Driver's License / Vehicle Registration

Driver's License

A Florida driver's license is required within 30 days for any driver who becomes a resident of Florida, is employed in Florida or registers a child in a Florida public school. New residents are required to pass only a vision examination if they have a valid driver's license form another state. First-time applicants must take a vision, written and road test. Test appointments are recommended for those who are applying for a driver's license for the first time. For more information about obtaining a Florida driver's license, contact the Florida Highway Patrol Driver's License Office. Their phone number is 850-872-4487.

Vehicle License Plates & Registration

New Florida residents are required to register their vehicle and obtain a Florida license plate within 30 days of establishing legal residency in the state. You must provide proof of insurance and a copy of your out-of-state vehicle title. For more information about registering your vehicle and obtaining a license plate, contact the Bay County Tax Collector's Office. Their phone number is 850-784-4090.

Boat Registration

If you need information about boat registrations, please contact the Bay County Tax Collector. The phone number for the Bay County Tax Collector's Office is 850-784-4090.